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Bayly teams with business people like you who have identified an idea or a way of solving a problem that can be the foundation of a sustainable business; people who have decided to do something about building a business from this idea.

Bayly has a special affinity with Entrepreneurs and is experienced with supporting your entrepreneurial mindset. Entrepreneurs put their personal, professional and financial resources at risk to pursue their opportunities and so we focus on identifying, exploring, and mitigating the risks to the best of our ability when we become part of your team.

Entrepreneurs differentiate themselves from Inventors by being focused on the business aspects of their new idea and by developing real plans for how they will create a business based on establishing new products or services in the marketplace.

Entrepreneurs plan for more than one product, for rarely does a single product make a successful and sustainable business and so using design strategically from an early stage provides a great opportunity to maximize the prospects for the business.

Business is about money and making investments to realise a return on that investment; irrespective of an individual’s expectations for the investment and the return.

In the social context, value and returns can also be measured in the significant and diverse contributions that are made to communities and societies from Social Entrepreneurial efforts. Maximising value and return from investment is the key driver in this case also.

Bayly does not provide direct financial support to Entrepreneurs. Venture Capitalists, Business Angels and other types of investors are the best source for funds for your new business.

In the development of a new business, every business is unique. Contact Mark Bayly to discuss what capabilities Bayly can contribute to your business team.

  Bayly supports Entrepreneurs in the development of their business by;
  • Using Design strategically in the development of the business
  • Solving problems
  • Providing technical advice and expertise
  • Identifying risks and mitigation options
  • Focusing on deriving maximum value from all investments
  • Designing innovative products and services to meet your customers needs
  • Involving its innovative network of organisations, businesses and individuals with capabilities including;
    • obtaining grants and assistance – available from organisations and government bodies
    • teaming as manufacturing partners
    • teaming as development partners
    • teaming as distribution partners
    • teaming as commercialisation partners