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In the face of tough competition, Bayly is here to help.  We understand the pressures that manufacturers are under to remain viable in the face of increased competition from businesses operating with lower labour cost bases.

As a manufacturer you are responsive to changes in your marketplace.  Markets for your products grow and shrink as does the market share that you supply.

When volumes are increasing you are faced with the challenge of increasing your outputs without letting your cost base get out of control.  Faced with shrinking volumes, reducing costs becomes a priority.  Rarely is manufacturing a stable process that is fully under your control.

Your day to day focus is the fine balancing of supply and demand and your supporting MRP, ERP and Quality Systems have been developed with a great deal of effort, cost and skill so that your team has the information available to keep the system in balance.  And yet, amongst all these activities, you still need to spend time thinking about

  • whether you have the right products,
  • whether your customers are being offered a better product by your competitors,
  • what your competitors are doing,
  • what you can be doing to improve your products, processes and overall offerings
  • how to keep your customers happy
As a manufacturer you can use Bayly’s product design and technology development capabilities to support your innovation activities to explore and capitalise on opportunities and take steps to protect and grow your business.

It is all too easy for manufacturers to become inwardly focused, running the risk of overlooking opportunities and being blindsided by changes in the marketplace.

   Manufacturers choose to work with Bayly because;
  • we are designers who know what they are doing
  • we are a team that understands their manufacturing processes
  • we are a team that will deliver a solution that is compatible with the constraints of their processes
  • we are responsive and timely
  • we provide capable technical support into and through production
  • we can handle and produce CAD data in a variety of formats and CAD packages
  • we understand their customers needs
  • we design products for manufacture and assembly
  • we work with your preferred toolmakers and supplier

Managing your product line

Managing your product lines means making tough decisions.  How many times do you see companies continue to manufacture and offer products past their use by date?  Sure, there might still be some demand for the old product but at what cost to the newer replacement products in your range?  Too many products can dilute the effectiveness of your team, sapping resources, holding back innovation and costing you money through inventory, handling, promotion and lost opportunity cost.

Bayly works with manufacturers to rejuvenate product lines, working with your marketing and management teams to critically analyse the products in the line and then work with you to do something about it whether that includes

  • adding new models to the line
  • replacing models
  • upgrading or facelifting models
  • reducing manufacturing costs through product design
  • reviewing products from a make or buy viewpoint

New Products

Generally, new products are either new to the business or are new to the market.  In either case, new products usually require manufacturers to add additional capabilities to their manufacturing processes or as a minimum, add new capabilities through their supply change.

As a result, manufacturers are faced with capital investments as well as the other costs associated with designing, launching, supplying and supporting the product in the market

Launching new products is inherently risky and even more so for the manufacturing business.  We understand this at Bayly.

Bayly’s system based approach to product design considers the product from a complete lifecycle point of view.  See here for more information on Bayly’s systems engineering capabilities.  A systems approach is the best way to manage the risks of new product design and development and works to ensure that the end product will meet the needs of the customer.

Successful products meet customers needs better than other products.  Bayly’s Design Research skills and COIN tools are essential to finding the optimal pathway through the “fuzzy front end” of the New Product Development Process (NPD) and have been used by manufacturers around Australia to uncover, generate and explore opportunities for new products and solutions to customers problems.

Designing and developing the new product is an iterative process that is at the core of Bayly’s business.  Bayly brings its proven Industrial Design and Design Engineering capabilities along with a focus on using prototyping as early and often as possible through the process to minimise the number, extent, time and cost of iterations.

Bayly is often engaged to provide support during the tooling and manufacturing phases for the product.

For more complex products, Bayly’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system (based on the Arena Solutions software) ensures that complete product data is developed during the design and development of the new product.  PLM data can then be reused within your MRP and ERP systems to complete the transfer of the product into your manufacturing operations.

Improving Processes

Waste is the enemy of the manufacturer.  Waste comes in many forms, energy, time, resources and can only be found by diligence in measuring and monitoring inputs and outputs from your manufacturing operations.Bayly works with manufacturers like you in a number of areas to improve the efficiency of processes and operations.  For more information on Bayly’s Manufacturing Engineering capabilities in these areas see here.