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It could be said that for a brand, the packaging is the single most important communication tool at their disposal capable of engaging the consumer.  Whether it be the product itself or a means of delivering it, the packaging has the final opportunity to reinforce the advertising massage, the product benefits and the brand intention and position all within fractions of a second.

Within the packaging itself there are two distinct aspects capable of engaging the consumer, the branding and the structural packaging.  The former being primarily used as a means for the consumer to identify a particular product as distinct within an often overcrowded market.  It offers a means by which the consumer can relate to and engage with a product and allows it to be quickly identified.

As important as the branding is, it is often the latter, the structural packaging, that is over-looked and underestimated.  How often have you noticed a new or updated product on the shelf based purely on its unique size, shape and form?  The structural packaging of a product is capable of engaging a customer on a purely emotional level as it doesn’t use written language to communicate, instead it relies on form and function to instigate a response, to draw attention.

This leads me to the next aspect of structural packaging… function.  Long after having been purchased and the branding having fulfilled its purpose, the structural packaging must continue to deliver and reinforce the brand values through function.  It is here that a product is remembered, the interaction between product and user, it is the ability of the product to have a positive impact on the users experience that resides in their mind and hence begins to build product loyalty though positive engagement.

That is not to say that the products contents aren’t important, in fact it’s the most important.  But in order to engage a consumer at the point of purchase a product must speak the language of its target audience and reflect a unified product message through brand, package and contents.

  Benefit on your next project with Bayly's structural packaging design expertise in;
  • injection moulded packaging
  • thermoformed packaging
  • optimised package weights - using FEA and structural design to optimise packaging performance
  • pressure packs
  • barrier films
  • re-usable pallets, collapsible boxes and other materials handling system components
  • FMCG packaging for Over the Counter pharmaceuticals, toiletries, cleaning products and foods and beverages 


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