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In today’s world of ever increasing means of communication, it is imperative that a product conveys a clear and concise message to engage its audience, offering authentic functional and emotional value.

Don't Separate Branding and Packaging from Product Design

One of the common oversights made throughout the product design process is the development of a product in isolation of the branding and packaging design. This is often caused by the perceived separation of the two disciplines and the fact that they can work independently of each other while still delivering a product to market. Although this will achieve a result, the communication to the consumer is often confusing and can leave them a little unsure as to what they are supposed to be taking away from the experience.

Deliver the complete message

The visual communication of a product, that is, the packaging, product branding, point-of-sale, marketing and advertising all have one purpose, to clearly and effectively promote and communicate the product and it’s benefits. When this is done in conjunction with the product’s development we not only communicate the features and benefits but the reasons behind them. This, along with the design intent that created the product, can be captured and included in the delivery of the message.

This is important

Why is this important you ask? In order to effectively communicate to consumers, the product and the visual communication must reinforce each other and build upon the story that created the inception of the product in the first place. Through emphasizing the original purpose of the products creation, the communication effectively gathers the essence of the product and translates it into an emotional engagement that underlies every element of the experience.

This is effective design communication: when all aspects of a product have been considered in relation to each other and work together harmoniously to achieve their one true purpose, consumer adoption and acceptance.