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Give your design investment the best chance for success

Innovation is a necessary business activity and deciding to develop and launch a new product is not an easy decision.  Launching a product requires a huge commitment, a significant investment of time, money and emotional energy.

Using our passion, knowledge and expertise will give you the best chance of success in your new product programs.

Engage with a team of experts

When you work with Bayly you engage a team of people that know what they are doing, a team that has been involved in designing hundreds of different products for many different markets around the World.

Get the right match

Finding the best possible match for your team is critical to the success of your product development strategies.  Read more about what you should look for in finding the right design partner for you.

  Bayly’s capabilities are meticulously maintained to support best product design practice and include expertise in;

Developing New Products

The development of new products is inherently risky and if it was easy, anybody could do it.

In the last 10 years a more complete view of how successful companies succeed with new products has been developed and is represented in a generally accepted New Product Development (NPD) process.


This wider view of the activities that make up innovation and product development has defined the characteristics of the “fuzzy front end” of the NPD process.  This is an area has been identified as being critical to the success of new product launches and new business models and innovation processes.

The focus of today’s leading organisations is on managing the whole NPD process; managing the innovation process and searching for a way to sort through the plethora of ideas and concepts to find the gems that can be used to generate growth in the business.

Bayly has been developing its NPD processes since 2005 and established a COIN toolkit that has been used as a core part of our design processes since that time.  Read more about Bayly’s NPD process here.

Proctor & Gambles connect+develop program is an example of how they are seeking new ideas and innovation inputs for their business.  By providing access to their intellectual property and by encouraging other organisations and people to work with them they are opening their business to a collaborative innovation environment and embracing a wide range of ideas and inputs into their organisation.

Product Design

In our terms, product design deals with the process of designing and developing the product once an organisation decides that it will be worth developing and taking to the market and exists as a subset of the NPD process.

Product Design is an important process within NPD and Bayly supports its clients by using world’s best processes, tools and practices and best staff & relevant expertise.  Product Design follows a well defined process of

  • Design research to refine the needs and set requirements & purpose
  • Concept generation examining and exploring the physical manifestation of products and solutions to satisfy needs and requirements
  • Concept development defines and specifies the components, materials and items used in producing the product, simulation and modelling of performance and behaviour
  • Prototyping and Testing
  • Manufacturing / implementation

Not all products that start the journey make it to market, fewer last in the market and only a few really excel.  Bayly’s Product Design process is structured to continually evaluate the progress that is made in the project tested against the requirements and the assumptions that have been made relating to the client’s compelling reasons for the product.

Through this process projects are often halted, revised and modified and even abandoned.  This is all a day to day part of the product design process.