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Technological innovations make great business sense.  Technological innovation is a driver of great change and an opportunity to create lasting growth in your business.

Bayly has partnered with many businesses both in Melbourne and around the world in order to create growth in their business.  We specialise in innovation through product design and new product development hand in hand with the technological developments that are required to support growth.

Technology development is not a single step process.  Major innovations create discrete steps in your business performance, but to make your business growth sustainable, technology development is an ongoing process; an incremental process.  Like any key area of your business, technology development requires vision, management committment and support and resources.

Management processes need to be applied to technology development in order to achieve optimum outcomes.  Technology development is usually the domain of the technical community, be it the engineering departments, manufacturing departments or research departments.  In truth, technology development is much more important to the organisation than the technical types and needs to be considered in the overall innovation processes managed by the business.

It is from refinements and developments in technology that new products, designs, processes, savings and services can be conceived.  Without supporting technologies and core innovation, business growth can stall.

Even incremental improvements to your technology can produce substantial returns as the technology moves forward and forms the basis for further development.  Improvements are captured and can be implemented to make a permanent difference; a difference for every day into the future.

A single organisation can never claim the absolute expertise for a particular technology.  Technology development is a collaborative process that includes technical experts, inspiration, vision, creative thinking, critical thinking, cognitive processes and a lot of hard work.

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  Technology development at a glance is;
  • A driver of innovation that has the capacity to bring growth to your business
  • Is an iterative process
  • Benefits from a company wide committment and involvement
  • Is boosted by expertise and lateral thinking



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